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Port Columbus Staffing Unaffected By FAA Mandate

Nearly 30 air traffic control towers around the U.S. are getting additional workers for their late night shifts. The move comes after a controller fell asleep on the job in Nevada this week. WOSU reports Columbus's airport will not be affected by the changes. The overnight shift in the Port Columbus air traffic control tower is staffed at all times with four workers, two controllers in the tower, and two in its radar facilities. Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Elizabeth Corey said because of those numbers there is no need for additional staffing in Columbus. Corey said most of the control towers receiving additional workers are smaller airports. The Ohio State University Airport is closed overnight. Corey said Columbus controllers typically work eight hour shifts and can come back as soon as eight hours later. She said the length of shifts depends on the volume of air traffic and the hours stipulated in their union contracts.