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Report: Poor Roads Cost Ohioans Billions

A new report says poor road condition cost Ohio drivers billions of dollars every year. The report from The Road Information Program says Ohioans waste more than $6 billion a year on excessive fuel, flat tires from pot holes and other repairs that are easily preventable; in Columbus, that averages out to $835 per driver every year. The report says Cleveland drivers lead the state in wasted money, while drivers in Cincinnati waste the most time on roads. TRIP researcher Carolyn Bonifas says the effects of poor roads are amplified for businesses like UPS that deliver their goods. "It impacts their bottom line when they're not able to move their products and their goods, so making the improvements to the transportation system certainly makes financial sense for UPS and other organizations like them," Bonifas says. The summary of the report urges Congress to pass a new transportation bill the last one expired more than a year ago, and since then lawmakers have been funding projects through individual resolutions.