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New Poll Show Kasich Off to a Rocky Start with Ohio Voters

A new Quinnipiac Poll released today show Ohio voters disapprove 46 to 30 percent of the way Gov. John Kasich is handling his job. Fifty-three percent of Ohio voters say Gov. Kasich's budget is unfair to them, 36 percent approve. The survey of 1300 Ohio voters generally oppose legislation working its way through the Ohio legislature that would limit the ability of public workers to collectively bargain. But the wording of the question has some influence on voter response. When asked about a bill limiting "collective bargaining," 48 percent opposed the measure. That number shot up to 54 percent when asked about a bill limiting "collective bargaining rights." A majority of Ohio voters said Kasich should not have pledged to meet the state's projected $8 billion budget deficit by only cutting spending and not raising taxes. And two-thirds of those polled said he will not keep that no-tax pledge, even though he presented a balanced budget plan that in fact does not raise levies.