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Match Day Pairs Medical Students With Residency Programs

The third Thursday in March means it's Match Day; the day when graduating medical students learn where they'll spend the next three or more years in a residency program. More than 200 Ohio State University students now know where they'll be spending the next few years of their professional careers. Nervous anticipation drifted through the Ohio Union ballroom at OSU. David Raymer waited for word on where he'd be spending his residency in internal medicine. "Feels like a lot of nervousness but also a lot of excitement," Raymer said. "I'm excited to see where I go; where all my friends go. It's going to be a really fun day. I'm hoping to go to Vanderbilt but I'd be happy to go anywhere I'm matched." During their final year of medical school, the students interview for one of the 25,000 residency positions across the country. Students and hospitals rank each other and a computer matches students with programs. As the clock ticked toward noon, the crowd of students, their families and friends quieted down for several speakers "This is medicine's own version of March Madness." Then students came forward to pick up envelopes. Inside were their residency destinations. As they were handed their fate, some hugged faculty and staff members. Sharon Agriesti helped many of these students enrolling in the College of Medicine four years ago. "I am passing out happiness today," Agriesti said. "That's what I call it. We're passing out the envelopes for Match Day and they'll open them in about ten minutes and know where they're going to spend residency." The sealed envelopes could not be opened until noon. But when that moment finally arrived, Jane Trask of the Office of Student Life gave the signal and the tearing open of envelopes was on. "Hi, everybody, my name is Laura Espy-Bell. I am going into emergency medicine and I will be at the Ohio State University Medical Center." "I'm Rein Lambrecht and I'm going into family medicine and I'm going to Lawrence just north of Boston. I'm very excited with my number one choice and I'm ecstatic about going into family medicine." "My name is Melissa Hudson and I'm from The Ohio State University and today I matched in neurosurgery at the University of Chicago." And David Raymer, who wanted to go to Vanderbilt? He'll be going to Missouri. "I'm really happy," Raymer says. "I got one of my top choices. I'll be going to Washington University in St. Louis. It's a great hospital." All 205 Ohio State students were matched at the event. 40 were matched with the OSU Medical Center.