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GA Authorities ID Body As 84-year-old Gladis Russell

Georgia authorities have identified a body found Wedensday as a missing Bellefontaine woman. A medical examiner at the Georgia Bureau of Investigations Crime Lab positively identified human remains found in a field in central Georgia as 84-year-old Gladis Russell. GBI Special Agent Craig Rotter said dental records, supplied from Logan County, Ohio Sheriff's Office, were used to identify Russell. "The body is still being analyzed and tested to determine a manner of death or cause of death to see if there are any injuries or trauma to the body," Rotter said. Rotter said Russell's body will be transported to Atlanta Friday to determine a cause of death. Russell's identification comes a little more than a week after Tennessee authorities ID'd the body of her husband, 83-year-old Richard. His body was discovered near I-75 in southeast Tennessee near the Georgia state line. The Russells and their car disappeared about three weeks ago, shortly after the body of 26-year-old Tiffany Brown from Bellefontaine was found under a pile of scrap wood in a basement. Samuel Littleton is charged in her stabbing death, and believed to be involved in the Russells' deaths, although he has not formally been charged. Littleton and the Russells' car were found in West Virginia where Littleton was arrested February 23.