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Winter Storm Approaches Central Ohio

A winter storm is headed to the Ohio River Valley. The national weather service forecasts ice accumulations for a large swath of Ohio stretching from Greenville through Delaware and Mount Vernon. WOSU's Tom Borgerding reports utility crews are ready.

American Electric Power and other utilities often share work crews when major power outages occur. And, most often freezing rain is the culprit during winter storms. But, spokeswoman Vicki Michalski says for the coming storm , A-E-P crews will stay put in the region as freezing rain is expected through much of its service area. .

"So, we'll be focusing, at first, as everybody will on their own territories before they would be willing and able to give up crews to neighboring utilities that need assistance."

Michalski says ice accumulations of a quarter to a half-inch can be problematic for utilities, especially if the freezing rain is accompanied by high winds.