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Northland Residents To Meet With City Officials About Crime

A group of residents from Columbus' Northland neighborhood will meet to plead with city officials. Leaders of the local civic association say heroin trafficking is dragging down the neighborhood.

In a letter addressed to Mayor Coleman, Governor-Elect Kasich, and others, Doug Moody, the president of the Salem Civic Association, issued a plea for help with drug and gang activity that's increasing in the Northland area.

"We've got shootings, we've got prostitution, we've got things going on that have never been seen before in our neighborhood," Moody says. "And that is what has driven us to write this letter to our elected officials with a cry for help to say, 'Please, what are you going to do about this? How are we going to stop it?'"

Moody says he and his neighbors have been told that the area is a magnet for the sale of heroin.

"We have consistently heard from the police liaison officer, 'This heroin problem is big. You're in the center of it,'" Moody says. "We're now beginning to see gang activity at the northern edges of our neighborhood. Some of our older residents are getting scared of what they're seeing."

Moody says the problem is now larger than the police can handle and it will take political muscle to solve it. That's why he sent the letter to Senator Sherrod Brown and Senator-elect Rob Portman, as well as a host of others. The meeting begins Tuesday night at 7 at Salem Baptist Church on Sinclair Road.