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Fugitive Rebecca Parrett Arrested in Mexico

After being on the lam for more than two-and-a-half years, Ohio fugitive Rebecca Parrett has been arrested. 62-year-old Rebecca Parrett was found living in the resort area of Ajijic, Mexico - about 30 miles south of Guadalajara.

Mexican authorities arrested Parrett on immigration charges Tuesday, and deported her to the U.S.

Deputy U.S. Marshall Brian Babtist expects her to be in federal court in Los Angeles as early as Wednesday or Thursday, and then he said she'll be extradited to Ohio.

Babtist said there was no one tip that led to her arrest.

"They had believed she was staying in Mexico for a while, and they just they needed to kind of needed to narrow down the search and this came up. And I think it was just good old-fashioned detective work," Babtist said.

Parrett was a top executive of the Dublin-company National Century that stole billions of dollars from investors. She was found guilty of multiple federal fraud charges two years ago. Parrett disappeared in March 2008 after receiving a 25-year prison sentence.