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He Said, She Said: 15th District U.S. Congressional Race Heats Up

She says it's false. He's says it's factual. The race for the 15th U.S. Congressional District heats up as candidates face off about a new campaign ad.

The newest ad put out by 15th District U.S. Congressional candidate Republican Steve Stivers, juxtaposes his opponent's picture between the Chinese and American flags.

Ohio Democratic Party chairman Chris Redfern called the ad "red-baiting"

"Disgusting and false advertising and it must be taken down," Redfern said.

The ad claims Democratic Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy supports overseas jobs before those in the U.S. because she voted for the federal stimulus package which did create a small number of jobs in China.

Stivers maintains the stimulus bill is a failure. Yet Redfern pointed out Stivers served on the board of directors for IMPACT Community Action which received federal stimulus money that created 43 full-time jobs. Redfern called Stivers' hypocritical.

"Steve Stivers has continued to point out the virtues of the work at IMPACT, yet during the tough days of a campaign he'd rather red-bait and question one's patriotism," Redern said.

Stivers said the ad is accurate. And he said it does not question Kilroy's patriotism.

"What this ad is about is the American worker and the American taxpayer. And frankly the problems in the stimulus bill could easily have been solved with a buy-American provision," Stiver said.

Stivers said he did not play a role in IMPACT's grant applications.