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President Obama Tries to Rally Central Ohio Dems

President Barack Obama says Republicans are trying to ride Americans' frustration with the economy to success in the midterm elections, counting on voters "forgetting who caused the mess in the first place."

Obama spoke Sunday night at a rally at Ohio State University. Campus police estimated the crowd at 35,000.

The president acknowledged there are people "hanging by a thread," but said Republicans have only offered the "philosophy that nearly destroyed our economy." He encouraged Ohio voters to tell the GOP they don't want to go back to those principles.

The president was introduced by his wife, Michelle, who called the midterms a "serious moment for the country, with so much at stake."

Ohio governor Ted Strickland urged supporters to defeat Republican John Kasich and the values of Wall Street.

In a webcast last night Kasich , said he s not running against Barack Obama or Ted Strickland, he said he's running to fix Ohio.