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Democratic Campaign Committee Focuses on Space, Excludes Kilroy

As it gets closer to the election candidates and campaign committees are making all efforts to get their positions across to voters. WOSU reports the National Democratic Campaign this week focusing on one Congressional candidate at the expense of another fellow democrat.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is zoning in on Ohio's 18th District race and focusing advertisement efforts on incumbent Congressman Zack Space. The DCCC took out ads this week on Columbus TV Channels 4 and 6 to attack Space's opponent Republican Bob Gibbs.

Officials at Channels 4 and6 say ads this week focus on the 18th District Race...to the exclusion of the 15th U.S. Congressional District race...a seat held by incumbent Mary Jo Kilroy, a democrat.

Kilroy's campaign manager Josh Levin would not comment on the DCCC ad choices.

18th District GOP Candidate Bob Gibbs says U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is worried about losing control of Congress.

"You know there's lots of seats in jeopardy around the country, and Speaker Pelosi's concerned she might have to hand that gavel over come January," Gibbs said.

A statement from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee says it continues to keep its options open as events change. And it remains confident Kilroy will be victorious in November.