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President Obama To Visit Clintonville Area

President Obama will sit down with a Columbus family Tuesday. WOSU went to Clintonville to speak with residents about Obama's visit to their neighborhood and his performance as president.

President Obama's visit comes in the middle of a hotly contested gubernatorial race. Karen Seidel was coming out of the Whetstone Library. She said the president's visit will have no effect when she goes to the voting booth come November.

"I think that a governor's gotta go on his own merits," Seidel said.

When asked what she thinks about Mr. Obama's job performance so far, Seidel said she'd give him a 45 percent approval rating.

"Oh he has some high points and some low points. So, everything that's happened is not all his fault, but some of it is," she said.

The White House said Obama also plans to host a discussion about the economy with other families from the area.

Enrique Alamo said he thinks the president's performance so far is good, but he said he'd like to see Mr. Obama put more focus on job creation.

"It's really hard to find a job right now. I'm working a part-time. And I have my own business, remodeling, but it's really slow right now," he said.

"[I'm] Wende Hageman. I live right here in Clintonville. He didn't have my vote back then, and he doesn't have it now. There's a lot of things I disagree with. But I certainly like that he's coming to Ohio and especially that he's coming to Clintonville. So, that's great I think he needs to be in touch with the American people, and this is exactly how he should do it."

Tommy Werner lives just north of Clintonville. He said his vote for governor depends on it on what Mr. Obama has to say. But so far, he likes the job the president's doing.

"Pretty good job. I think he's sticking to what he said. I think he's following up with his promises as much as he can," Werner said.

Following the stop in Clintonville, the president will speak at a fundraiser for Governor Ted Strickland. Strickland faces a tough re-election bid against former GOP Congressman John Kasich.