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Sheriff's Deputies Make Huge Pain Pill Bust

Franklin County Sheriff's deputies made a major bust Sunday night in Columbus's illegal prescription drug trade. WOSU reports a husband and wife were arrested after being found with thousands of pills.

Franklin County Sheriff's deputies seized about 5,000 prescription pills and more than $117,000 in cash after stopping a woman who walked out in front of a cruiser near Hawthorn Suites in Hilliard.

Deputies arrested 21-year-old Alexes Akers for disorderly conduct, and found the money in her backpack. The sheriff's department said Akers' husband, 25-year-old Christopher Akers, drove up while his wife was being arrested. That's when deputies found some 60 bottles of prescription drugs in his car.

"This is a pill mill. It's exactly what it is," Chief Deputy Steve Martin said.

Martin said the majority of the prescriptions were written by one doctor from the Tampa Bay, Florida area and were filled at ten different Florida pharmacies. He said the prescription pain pill market in Columbus is a huge problem. And Martin said many of the drugs are trafficked from pain clinics in Florida.

Detectives say the drugs Alexes and Christopher Akers had could have a street value up to $150,000. Among the pills found were about 50 80mg tablets of OxyContin worth about $4,000. OxyContin is an opiate used often times by terminally-ill cancer patients or people with chronic pain. It's highly sought after for illegal use.

"It's just a perfect example of what we face here locally," Martin said.

Alexes and Christopher Akers both have been charged with felony drug possession. They each face felony drug trafficking charges.