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Columbus Basketball Fans Dump Their Lebron Jerseys

Some fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers in Central Ohio plan to throw away their Lebron James jerseys. The Akron native announced last night he was leaving the Cavs to play for the Miami Heat. For many the love affair with the basketball star is over.

It may be impossible now to sell anymore jerseys in Ohio with Cleveland basketball star Lebron James's name. Some stores only have a handful of jerseys left since the season ended. Those at a local sporting goods were hanging on the clearance rack for a bargain price of $15. James's announcement that he's leaving the state hit fans hard. 16 year old Corey Bowers enjoyed following the Cleveland team.

"Right when he said he was going to South Beach, it kind of broke my heart when he left us." "So what are you going to do with your Lebron James jerseys? Probably just going to throw them away and just forget that he ever came to Cleveland," moaned Bowers.

16 year old Ryan Poyle also has plans for his Cavaliers Jerseys.

"I had jerseys with Lebron and I'm probably just going to cut out the name and put a different name like traitor, something like that. Dating back to 2003 I probably had like eight," Poyle said.

Shopper Tim Clayton doesn't follow the Cleveland Cavaliers, but he did watch James's announcement to leave Ohio. "I don't blame him at all. He wants to win a championship and he didn't think he can get it done in Cleveland, so he's going elsewhere. Now if they had Lebron jerseys out here for $2 would you buy one? No, I wouldn't buy it because he's not playing for their team anymore and there's really no point to it," said Clayton.

There may be no point for other items on the clearance rack. Another native Ohioan who once played for the Cleveland Browns, No. 10 Brady Quinn's jersey is also marked down.