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College Program for Seniors Ending

After 5 years, a life-long learning program for seniors at Columbus State Community College will end. The school says it wants to focus more on job services for those over 50. Some seniors are not happy about the decision.

67 year old Willard House of Worthington, a retired chemist attended the lectures and outings over the last 4 years through the Lifelong Learning Institute at Columbus State.

"Even though I was a chemist I still like science all kinds of science and astronomy. They had a course, a gentleman came up from Delaware where they have a telescope where you can look into the universe," said House.

The program offered classes in arts, science, current events, history, technology and other topics. Participants paid a 100 dollar annual fee. About 100 seniors took part in Lifelong Learning. House regrets the program's end at Columbus State.

"I think it's a sad thing. I think that because one gets older and retires doesn't mean their brain is going to die out. That just means that's just another phase of their life where they learn more," added House.

Columbus State spokesman, David Wayne says the change was needed to better serve the older population now re-entering the workforce.

"The people that were in that group are in that age group that they are actually looking for jobs now more than they were because of the economy and one way to do that is to focus more on career development, professional development and also retraining," explained Wayne.

Columbus State spokesman Wayne adds that because many seniors are unable to retire today providing job services is a better use of resources to help more seniors. Supporters of Lifelong Learning Institute are working to find a new location in central Ohio. There are 18 similar programs around the state.