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Fan Donations Help Keep Central Ohioans Cool

Columbus resident Erik Vargo is outside Fire Station Eleven on West Case Road near the Ohio State Airport. He just bought three fans to donate to Central Ohioans who live without air-conditioning.

"With the heat, you know how brutal it is, I just figured might as well do as I can and drop what I can off," Vargo says.

All Franklin County fire stations are accepting fan donations. It's part of a program organized by LifeCare Alliance that helps low-income seniors, or chronically ill residents, who are house-bound and can't air conditioning. Chuck Gehring is the CEO of the Alliance. He says a simple, inexpensive box fan can be life-saving.

"If you can get a couple of those in there circulating, it moves the air at least and makes all the difference in the world to these folks," Gehring says.

Gehring says 200 people are on the waiting list for a fan, and he says they'll need at least 1,500 fans to help every one of their clients.