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Ohio Lawmaker Wants More Protection for Governor and His Neighborhood

Republican State Senator David Goodman is sponsoring a bill that he says would better protect Governor Ted Strickland and the people who live in his suburban Columbus neighborhood. H

e says some residents of Bexley are concerned about their safety ever since Ohio's Inspectors General reported problems with the inmate work program at the Governor's Residence.

Goodman says that report shows inmates working at the Bexley home had free reign of the property.

Goodman is sponsoring a bill that would require the state corrections department to directly oversee the inmate work program at the Governor's residence in the future.

But Columbus attorney Rocky Saxbe has been highly critical of the inspector general's report on the work program. He doesn't think there's a need for this bill.

But Saxbe says if Ohio lawmakers pass this bill, he hopes they will also make available money to make the changes to the program.

Saxbe, himself, is a resident of Bexley. The city is part of Senator Goodman's district.