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Huntington Bank To Add 500 Columbus Jobs

The president and CEO of Huntington Bank said Tuesday that the bank will continue to call Columbus home. Steve Steinour says he also expects to add hundreds of jobs during the next five years.

Huntington Bank employs about 3,600 people in Columbus making it one of the city's larger employers. But President Steve Steinour said Tuesday that Huntington plans to add an additional 500 people locally during the next five years. Steinour also said that the bank's lease of the Huntington Center at 41 South High Street has been extended until 2030. Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman celebrated the news.

"You know this is a big deal in the city of Columbus - a really big deal. 500 new jobs, a commitment for the next two decades at least to the city of Columbus; I can't tell you how important that is to the city and the residents and the tax base of the city," Coleman said.

The Huntington Bank on the corner of Broad and High which is adjacent to the Huntington Center tower has been operating at that location for 144 years.