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Central Ohio Hairdresser Helps Soak Up Oil Spilled In Gulf Of Mexico.

A Central Ohio hairdresser is spearheading a local effort this week to sop up some of the oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico. WOSU's Tom Borgerding reports.

Tammy Mynes cuts and styles hair at a Dublin salon. She's been working in the beauty industry since the early 1980s and she knows some of the properties and capabilities of human hair.

"Hair is porous. Its a porous material. So it soaks up the oil. And, you can see when you get oily hair you can tell your hair is soaking up the oil. It doesn't drip off your head."

Hair works the same way on an oil spill. So, Mynes began collecting hair clippings from her customers....about half a kitchen trash bag each day...and sending it to a regional warehouse that mats the hair and stuffs it into nylon booms. The booms are then used to stretch across the open water and extract the oil. Its turned into a national effort on the part of hairdressers and Mynes says this week Salon Lofts in Central Ohio will hold what she calls a cut-a-thon.

"And, we're going to collect as much hair as we can and then we're planning to down and actually take some of the hair. We haven't decided where we're taking it but to one of the coast locations so that we can get it there right away and make some of the booms."

Mynes says her customers look and feel better after they learn about the project.

"My clients are totally excited they love the fact that their actual hair is helping with the Gulf spill."

Tom Borgerding, WOSU News