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Mexican Food On Wheels: Columbus' Taco Trucks

Mexican food is popular in Columbus. More and more Mexican eateries are popping up in parking lots.

Chunks of steak sizzle on the grill of Las Delicias, one of several dozen restaurants on four wheels in Columbus. Lorena Mendez has operated the mobile restaurant for the past several years. The most popular product she says?

"Tacos; the steak tacos. Supreme with cilantro and onions. Yes, this is the best food," Mendez says.

Las Delicias is located on Georgesville Road on the west side of Columbus where it seems the greatest number of Taco Trucks can be found. Customers can read the restaurant's menu right off the side of the trailer complete with English translation.

"Oh I have the Mexican food, and I have the Tacos and Burritos," says Mendez.

Actually only the kitchen is on wheels. Diners eat at a picnic table under a canopy or they sometimes sit around the trailer at narrow counters on bar stools.

"I think it's more better like that because people like to eat outside. And the restaurant is different," Mendez says.

But people come for the food. Las Delicias specializes in desert; Mexican ice cream made with various fruits and nuts. "I have a lot of flavors. I have coconut, strawberry, lemon, pecan, and vanilla," Mendez says.

Emmanuel Gonzales says that's why he stopped by:

"It's more like a shaved ice, type deal; it's known as Mexican ice cream. It's very good; I recommend it." Mendez says she draws a diverse clientele from Mexican, to American to Chinese.

That's the case at another popular taco truck called Taco Nazo - it's located in the 2200-block of East Dublin-Granville Road. Until he found Taco Nazo, Michael Rogers from San Diego says he hadn't been able to find authentic Mexican food locally.

"It's hard to find authentic Mexican food, you know, here in Columbus and I found this place and it's probably the best burrito in the city at least the closest thing to authentic Mexican food," Rogers says.

On the burrito, Kelly Ajala agrees.

"It's real authentic, man, it's not like Taco Bell, not Americanized so it tastes real, flavorful," Ajala says

For a list of taco trucks and their locations, visit the website tacotruckscolumbus.com.