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Columbus Public Schools Announce Teacher Layoffs

Columbus Public School officials say they will layoff 164 employees next year, that includes 113 teachers. School officials anticipate 2500 students will leave the district next year. So far more than 800 students have left the Columbus Public School district this year.

The Columbus Education Association says more than one hundred teachers have notified the district they will retire or resign before the next school year.

According to the C-E-A the affected teachers will meet Monday afternoon at the Downtown High School. Columbus schools spokeswoman Kim Norris says the district has taken into account the number of teachers who have announced they will retire or resign at the end of the school year as well as the typical number of teachers who decide to resign during the summer. Norris says the district did not want to layoff anyone but is grateful the number is no larger than 2.2% of the district's 7,326 employees.