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Ohio State Hopes to Increase Awareness of Agriculture College

Governor Ted Strickland visited Ohio State yesterday to help introduce a plan he hopes will increase university enrollment and expand economic growth.

The plan is part of a 10-year strategy to expand college curriculum that focus on Ohio's most successful industries. Strickland said the plan will increase opportunities for students and create Ohio jobs.

"It's an effort to increase Ohioans access to higher education and to increase our ability to use university research to spur economic development across our state," Strickland said.

The governor said that Ohio State will be the leading researcher for the food and agriculture industry. The College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is already a leading researcher for the industry, but Dean Bobby Mosser said he thinks the program will expand the college.

"It will help us to recruit future faculty, researchers, professors to Ohio State University to help us recruit outstanding students and it will also help us connect with the industry that's around the state," Mosser said.

While Ohio State said it will fund the majority of the college's expansion, the state plans to allocate $8 million dollars to universities that take part in the program.