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OSU Team Physician: GI Bug Appears Contained

The head team physician for Ohio State says the outbreak of a gastrointestinal illness among swimmers in Columbus for an NCAA meet appears to be contained.

Yesterday, 19 swimmers received outpatient treatment at the Ohio State Medical Center. Dr. Christopher Kaeding says the G-I bug is usually a 24 hour event.

"Fortunately, being young, as long as we keep them hydrated, they can bounce back pretty quickly in a day or two and be able to perform pretty well."

Dr. Kaeding says the venue - the pool, lockers and restrooms - are not the source of infection.

Ohio Health Department spokeswoman Jen House says they are running tests today on specimens from the swimmers to try to determine the cause of the illness.

Columbus Health Department spokeswoman Amanda Ford says all of the swimmers completed a questionnaire about their illness, and those forms will be used to help find the source of the illness.