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U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown Prepared To Vote On House "Improvements"

Now that the health care debate has moved back to the senate, all eyes are on senators to see if they will accept the changes made by the house. Senator Sherrod Brown said he likes what he sees.

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown said Sunday night's monumental vote "great." And he called the changes the House made to the Senate-passed bill "improvements" rather than compromises. In his words the "house has improved the bill."

"In terms of making health care more affordable. In terms of making sure that people with good health care plans don't pay taxes on those health care plans," Brown said.

This year's mid-term elections likely swayed the way some Democrats in Congress voted on the legislation. Citing increased taxes on union's health plans, Zach Space of Dover voted no after voting yes in the fall.

Brown said he's disappointment with Space's vote.

"We all talked to him, and I wished he had voted for it," Brown said.

Outgoing Republican Senator George Voinovich opposes the reform package, and so does the man who wants to succeed him. Former Congressman Rob Portman called it budget buster we can't afford and a big government approach that will increase premiums, and burden small businesses.

But Brown said he'll be surprised if Republicans try to run their campaigns on repealing the bill. He expects to get more public support as people become more educated about it.

"The same arguments - socialism, big government, we don't want the government bureaucrat between ourselves and our doctor - those things weren't true about Medicare, public knows that, they're not true about this bill," he said.

Brown made his comments at an event at Cardinal Health in Dublin. But the CEO of the large health products distributor declined to comment on the soon to be signed new health care law.