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Ohioans Begin Balloting For U.S Capitol Statue

Starting Saturday, March 20th, Ohioans will get a chance to vote for one of a group of historical nominees to be cast as a statute for Statuary Hall in the U-S capitol building. Among the nominees: Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers, Harriet Beecher Stowe and Jesse Owens.

"10 deceased Ohioans have been chosen by the Ohio National Statuary Collections Study Committee," says Kim Schuette, spokesperson for the state historical society. "We need to pick one of those Ohioans to represent us in the national statuary hall in Washington, D.C."

Schuette says ballot boxes are set up at sites around the state.

"The votes are between March 20th to June 12th," Schuette says. "There's no age limit. We ask that Ohioans only vote once. And we encourage them to go to an historical site or museum statewide to cast their ballot. However, if they can't, they can go to legacyforOhio.org beginning March 20th and download a ballot which they can either mail in or e-mail in." Actors portraying the three women nominees will greet visitors the afternoon of March 20th at the Historical Society in Columbus. The women portrayed are author Harriet Beecher Stowe, astronaut Judith Resnik and suffragist Harriet Taylor Upton.