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Democratic Representative Mary Jo Kilroy To Vote "Yes" For Health Care Bill

Ohio's 15th District Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy says she will vote for President Obama's health care overhaul. But WOSU reports others Ohio representatives have yet to make a decision.

Ohio Democratic Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy decided she will cast a "yes" ballot for the health care legislation. Kilroy said she's been waiting to get the bill in her hands before she made up her mind.

"I've had an opportunity to read the bill, to go over it with leadership, to ask questions to committee members to make sure that I understand it," Kilroy said.

Kilroy said it was important that the Senate version of the bill be fiscally responsible, and she says she thinks it is.

"It will reduce the deficit by over $100 billion over the next ten years, and about a $1 trillion over the second decade," she said.

Ohio's 16th district U.S. Representative John Boccieri decided to switch his vote to "yes." The freshman legislator opposed the House version last November.

Yet to publicly announce his decision is Ohio Democratic Congressman Zach Space. His office did not respond to requests for an interview.

Space voted for the House version late last year, but has spoken out against the Senate-passed bill calling it "unacceptable."

Ohio State University professor emeritus of political science Herb Asher predicts undecided representatives, like Space, will vote according to their policy preferences.

"Space may have a little bit more of a challenge because of his previous comments. But I think when you start doing all the calculation, the political calculations and the policy calculations; I wouldn't be surprised if they came to a decision to vote for it," Asher said.

The House is expected to vote on the historic legislation Sunday.