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OSU and the City of Columbus Join to Create Jobs Revitalize East Side


A joint effort by OSU and the city of Columbus is expected to create jobs and revitalize an east side neighborhood.

The Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee and Mayor Michael Coleman joined with city council and community members to announce a job creation and neighborhood revitalization effort. The university will invest about 10 million dollars at OSU Hospital East and its neighborhood, creating about 6 thousand new jobs. Coleman says the city is providing an income-tax rebate.

"The medical center will receive a performance based incentive for every job they create and in turn the Ohio State University will invest at least 10 million dollars in an unprecedented community building effort." Coleman says.

Dilapidated houses on the East side will be bought and renovated. OSU president Gee says that may entice some hospital workers to move here.

" Working with the community developing a housing initiative to attract people to come and live in the community to stay in the community and also to attract many of our people who work at this hospital to come and move back in the community." Gee says.

CEO of the Long Street Association, Annie Ross-Womack says she is optimistic about the plan.

"So if we can employ some of our residents and then as well, you know show them a healthy way to live and help them with their housing situation it betters our neighborhood." Womack says. The 10 million dollar investment will occur over 10 years.