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Columbus Gives A Red Light To Speeding Cameras

Despite protests some cities have retrofitted their red light cameras to catch speeders. Dayton is considering the "upgrade". WOSU reports on whether Columbus is likely to do the same.

If you run a red light at Third and East Mound Streets in downtown Columbus you're likely to be fined 95 bucks. That's because hovering over the intersection is a camera equipped to catch you. Red light cameras watch 18 intersections around the city.

These cameras are provided by Redflex Traffic Systems Incorporated. And not only can they catch you running a red light, they can also nab you if you're speeding.

Officials in Dayton say they are looking at speed cameras to improve safety and make up for projected declines in police staffing.

Columbus's Deputy Director of Public Safety, George Speaks, said the city will not go after speeders, even though the cameras could be changed to catch them.

"It greatly upsets people. And we certainly would not want to jeopardize our current system in which we've had just wonderful results of reducing crashes and reducing the folks who try to beat the yellow light and speed through the intersection. We certainly would not want to jeopardize that here," he said.

Speaks added, however, the cameras are shown to discourage speeding.

Residents of Heath in Licking County were outraged last summer when the city installed speeding cameras. Voters rejected the cameras in a November vote and the cameras were turned off. Voters also put out of office the mayor and city council president who supported the cameras.