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Young Figure Skaters Dream of Olympics

As the 2010 Olympics continue in Vancouver, potential future Olympians are jumping and gliding at local ice skating rinks as they work to make their dreams come true.

13 year old Livvy Shilling easily spins on ice for hours every day at the Easton Chiller. She has been skating for 5 years since she gave up ballet. "It's like the wind in your hair and it's really fast and it just feels like you're free and when you go to jump it feels like you're flying for the half a second that you're in the air." Shilling says.

The dedication Shilling gives has made her a very good skater and she can do the complicated jumps.

"I will do it as many times, like most of the time I will try to get like three in a row, to just get the muscle memory built in on how to do it and my most consistent jump is my double lutz but I'm working on the double axle and some triples." Shilling says.

One of her coaches is Valerie Marcoux-Pavlas. She competed in the 06 Olympics as a Canadian pair skater.

"You make sure they do go out there and always try their best and push their limits all the time and to do new moves you know like higher jumps and spin and go faster and push their limits all the time." Marcoux-Pavlas says.

"Do your three turn for me. You have to check that left side back and draw over the left hip and then turn "

11 year old Megan Cordle says figure skating is harder than she thought but she enjoys the challenge.

"It's so much fun it's just it feels so cool when you learn something new or you can accomplish something." Cordle says.

The skaters compete up to 7 times a year out of state. It's expensive just to wear the special skates and costumes so some parents like Melissa Shilling find ways to save money.

"I enjoy putting the little rhinestones on the costumes since that saves a lot of money. I'm able to buy what looked to be unattractive and inexpensive costumes and bling them up as is said in the industry to make them ready for competition." Shilling says.

Figure skating instructor, Kristen Izzie says it's not easy.

"It takes so much you have to have the desire to do it, you have to have the parents who are willing to let you do it. You know these kids come here before school to skate, they're here after school." Izzie says.

Coaches and skaters are all anticipating the women's figure skating competition at this year's Olympics which NBC is broadcasting.

"Two important elements coming up back to back, the first one right here, throw, triple salchow, big nice landing."

Megan Cordle will be watching.

"Have you thought well maybe it'll be me there one day? Yea, I'm hoping." Cordle says. And so will Livvy Shilling.

"I think wow they're really good that they like knowing because I'm a skater and how much work it takes it's like wow they must train a lot harder." Shilling says.

And in 4 or 8 years a skater from one of the Chiller ice rinks could be battling for a spot on the Olympic podium.