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120 O-DOT Plows On Central Ohio Roadways

As the snow continues to fall, local and state plows are out trying to clear the roads. WOSU spoke with the Ohio Department of Transportation to find out what they're doing in the Central Ohio area.

O-DOT workers are on twelve hour shifts trying to plow the area's state routes and Interstate roadways. Spokesperson Brian Hedge said the plan is to work around the clock until the roads are clear.

"We've got over 120 plows out in Central Ohio. They're all out plowing, salting, making sure the roads are safe and passable," he said.

But Hedge asked drivers to be patient.

"There's still snow on the roads. We're out there, we're getting to it. But while it continues to fall, it does take time to get to everything," he said.

Hedge said so far the department has NOT had to call in additional workers to get the job done.