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OSU students hold a benefit dinner for Haiti

Over 175 OSU student volunteers scooped out servings of pasta and meatballs with sauce for ten dollars a serving at the RPAC Tom W. Davis Gym. The money will go the American Red Cross for victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Student Organizer, Jordan Davis says the dinner was something everyone could do.

"A lot of us see the purpose in doing as much as we can here because we simply can't get to Haiti to help. And I know that so many students really would do as much grassroots efforts as they could if they had the opportunity to go over there but simply we don't." Davis says.

Students like Freshman Kaila Blanchard have watched the news coverage in Haiti and were saddened by the devastation.

"It kind of reminds me of Katrina and you know we're still seeing the victims and like although time has gone by they're still not out of any danger yet, so like the health and the lack of water, lack of resources is still pretty high." Says Blanchard.

Student volunteer Angel Carrasquillo is from Puerto Rico.

"I feel like it could have happened to my family and my country so I feel like I should help Haiti for a good cause." Carrasquillo says.

Freshman Sara Pfledderer could not turn away when asked to help. She says everyone can do something.

"Maybe it is a little small, but like I guess the whole cause altogether what we're putting forth is a bigger cause in itself. It helps out all the little things added up help out a lot." Pfledderer says.

Up to 11 hundred people could sit in the gym to eat or students could purchase meals to go. Third year student Larry Hudson paid ten dollars to eat.

"The effort they put into it is just amazing. It's something that we can look back on now and say hey when we had a disaster in the world Ohio State was part of the efforts to help." Hudson say.s All the food and supplies were donated so that the money raised will all go to earthquake victims.