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Columbus Police Officers Sue To Stop Re-assignment Plan.

A lawsuit by some Columbus police officers to block a reassignment plan is on hold until a hearing next month.

A group of Columbus police officers went to Franklin County court Thursday to stop a plan to reassign some patrol officers. Police Chief Walter Distelzweig wants to split the 18th precinct on the north side that includes Polaris and the 14th precinct on the far east side of the city. The changes involve over 250 officers. Deputy chief Kim Jacobs says Polaris is a large area and the busiest.

"We're going to split that whole area and so the officers that would go to Polaris wouldn't go any further south than 161, so they'll be a lot closer in location if they should happen to be in the southern point of their precinct." Jacobs says.

Jacobs says she understands change can be difficult, but the department wants to ensure effective police response.

"We want officers not to drive as far to arrive at an emergency response type of call."Jacobs says.

Jacobs says the department is required to give 70 days notice any time an officers job is changed. That won't happen until after February 22nd when both sides will be in court for a hearing to discuss if the reassignment plan will happen.