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Out-of-Town Businesses Try To Get a Piece of Casino Pie

Casinos won't be up and running for two years in Ohio, but that's not stopping some dealer training schools from out of town looking for business of their own.

Ohio voters approved four cities, Toledo, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus, for gambling. That has drawn the attention of gaming schools like Worldwide Gaming Academy in Buffalo, New York. The company, also called Niagara Gaming Academy, advertises online and specifically targets people interested in becoming casino dealers in the Buckeye State.

"Because we have an online training class, we have the capability to train potential dealers anywhere in the country or the world for that matter," said poker instructor Nick Ciavarella. "The fact is that gaming in Ohio, the table games and hopefully poker, is right around the corner."

The online training course costs just over $1,000. Classes are also held in Buffalo, New York at the company's headquarters. Ciavarella said it takes about 100 hours to learn how to be a dealer.

"They're also going to have to learn all the fundamentals and the different procedures for different games, betting structures and limits and all about raising and table stakes and things like that," he said.

Ciavarella said he gives a certificate of completion and not a license. So far no calls have come from Ohio. Classes are scheduled to begin next week in Buffalo were canceled because of low interest.