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Columbus Council Hears Budget Concerns.

Workers and supporters of the Community Crime Patrol reminded council members that the organization's budget has been cut by 60%. The crime fighting group patrols Clintonville, German Village, Merion Village and the Hilltop. Director, Ellen Moore says another cut will happen next year.

"While it appears that we are receiving level funding for 2010 we are actually being cut by $50,000. The Mayor's budget for 2009 included $200,000 for CCP as it does for 2010, but our 2009 funding was supplemented by $50,000 in federal stimulus money not available to us in 2010."

Moore says crime fighters patrolled 11-thousand fewer hours because of fewer dollars, however they did stop some criminals.

"The good news is that in spite of the hours being cut, the patrolers have outdone themselves this year. In the first 11 months they've been an integral part in the arrest of a suspected rapist, the apprehension of dozens of people responsible for robberies, thefts, assaults, property damage domestic violence and drunk drivers."

Moore also pointed out that two patrolers will be entering the Columbus Police Academy in February. Close to 40 former Community Crime Patrol employees have become Columbus Police Officers. Council member Priscilla Tyson.

"Maybe we should be looking at ways in which we can cause I know we have some diversity issues in trying to make sure that we're having more people of color on our police force, that maybe we need to be working with you to help recruit some people of color to be able to be part of your organization so we can get people to be ready to be on the police force." Says Tyson.

Other speakers addressed council members on helping small businesses expand and health care and how the city tax hike approved by voters in August has helped them to continue to provide services at community neighborhood health centers.

Debbie Holmes WOSU news.