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Safety Improvements to State Route 315 Include Drainage Work

While construction crews take a winter break, commuters on route 315 already benefit from traffic design improvements.

At the Lane Avenue - 315 interchange, drivers on this stretch of highway likely have already noticed some changes made by the Ohio Department of Transportation.

"New guardrails going in, the median barrier - the wall down the center of the highway - we're raising that in a number of spots," Hedge said.

Brian Hedge is an ODOT spokesperson. ODOT is working on redoing the stretch of highway between highway 670 and North Broadway. Over the summer crews worked on northbound lanes.

Hedge said the improvements, some of them for driver safety, were not done because the highway was unsafe, but because better equipment is available.

"New lighting through the stretch - new and improved lighting, newer technology. And new signs, that's another big one," he said.

Hedge said the new signs will be more reflective and require less lighting.

"You might have seen them before where you have to shine a light up on them to see them. They're using, actually, it's called a high-intensity sign. They're very reflective and you don't have to shine a light on them, so you just see them. Your headlights illuminate them to see the sign," Hedge said.

ODOT also has redone bridge decks, fixed potholes and resurfaced much of the highway while adding new lines and reflectors. As far as improvements drivers may not necessarily notice...

"There was some minor drainage work to make sure that, that runs clear and keeps the highway free of water," Hedge said.

The 315 project will pick back up next summer.