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Southwestern School Voters Approve Levy.

The state's sixth-largest school district is planning to restore sports. The South-Western City school district had canceled its athletic programs after three levies in a row were defeated. WOSU's Debbie Holmes reports

More than 500 students, parents, and school officials within Southwestern City schools could not hold back their excitement as they watched the votes supporting a 7.4 mill operating levy start to gain momentum. Grove City High School Tenth Grader, Summer Shane, is looking forward to being on the track team again.

"And I was jumping up and down. I was getting all excited because the numbers are going up and down."

The levy would raise about $18,000,000,000 to restore high school busing, athletics, and the marching band. The owner of a $100,000 house would pay an additional $19. Parent Rachelle Parsley says she knows the levy has divided the community and she hopes that will change.

"We need to figure out how to come together and be united on being here for the community and for the kids." Says Parsley.

Superintendent Bill Wise is optimistic about the future.

"The community unfortunately has been divided on the issue all along. We've had a lot of great conversation. We're hoping that we can move by this or past this and come together as a community." Says Wise.

Students like Nick LeBeau are ready to have extra-curricular activities back at the schools.

"I'm one of the biggest supporters of school sports there is. So it'd mean everything to me to support my friends and everything. " Says LeBeau. Election results will not be official until November 24th.

Debbie Holmes