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Franklin County Health Unsure When, Where Swine Flu Shot Clinics Will Be Held

Ohio is set to receive its first round of swine flu vaccines sometime this week or next. WOSU reports emergency and health care workers will be the first to receive it in Franklin County.

The state is supposed to get 61,500 doses of swine flu vaccine soon. This round of doses will be in nasal mist form. The mist form is only available to healthy individuals because it contains the live virus like the season flu mist does.

The Ohio Department of Health will divvy out those doses to the state's 88 counties. And that will be based on population and requests from private health care providers and public health departments.

Franklin County Health Department spokeswoman Mitzy Klein said she's unsure how much the county will get in this round of doses. But she said whatever the county does get will be used to vaccinate EMS workers.

"Unless we can identify there's health care workers who their needs aren't met then we will offer that. But at this point that's not part of our plan," Klein said.

The swine flu shot is not available yet, but Klein sayid it could be as early as later this month. When that happens the county health department will hold various vaccine clinics. Klein said she cannot say at this point when and where those will be, but she insists there is a plan in place.

"It's so hard for us. Because like I was just in a meeting this morning and we talked about two dates and two locations to start out that first week. But we don't know if we're going to have enough vaccine to do it," she said.

Klein said the health department may not know how many swine flu shots it will receive until the week before a clinic is set to be held.

"We don't want to give the public misinformation, and at this point we simply can't guarantee we can do it based on all of these factors," Klein said.