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Columbus Man Arrested For Laser-Pointing At Helicopter.

Court appearances are scheduled for three men charged with felony counts of pointing lasers into aircraft cockpits. Columbus police arrested a downtown resident on Sunday after the pilot of a medical helicopter reported a light beam pointed at him.

Lasers can temporarily blind pilots. Columbus police say after a helicopter pilot lifted off Sunday afternoon from Grant Medical Center he reported a laser light pointed directly into the cockpit. The pilot took evasive action and returned to the landing pad where the laser was shone a seond time.

A police helicopter was sent up. It too was hit by a laser beam. Officers arrested 22 year old Jared Shapiro of South Third Street and charged him with two felony counts of Interfering with Operation of an Aircraft. Shapiro is scheduled to be arraigned later this morning. Earlier this month, 45 year old Dennis Smoke of Blacklick and 19 year old Levi Milstead of Lowell, Ohio were also charged with felony laser violations for allegedly pointing a laser beam into commercial airplanes approaching Port Columbus. Smoke and Milstead are free on bond. Both are scheduled for court appearances tomorrow in Lancaster.