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Ohio Congressman Zach Space Helps Postpone Healthcare Vote

The U.S. House of Representatives is moving ahead on health care legislation after the leadership and fiscally conservative lawmakers worked out a deal. Rebellious Democrats said Wednesday that they've reached agreement with the leadership and the White House. Ohio Congressman Zach Space is one of the so-called Blue Dog Democrats that have won a delay on a health care vote until September:

"We were able to successfully convince leadership to postpone any full House consideration on the floor until after the first of September," Space said. "That's a good thing. It gives not just members of Congress the time they need to digest this very comprehensive and very complex legislation - over a thousand pages - it also gives the American public a chance to understand it and know what we're getting into."

"I, along with just about every other member of, not just the Blue Dogs, but the Democratic Caucus - and I think a lot of Republicans - believe that we have to fix health care in this country; we have no choice but to deal with the problems of how it's delivered, how it's consumed, and almost all of us are committed to getting something done this year," Space said. "I just think getting something done this year is a far cry from getting something done this week."

President Barack Obama told a health care forum in North Carolina that he doesn't expect Congress to vote on legislation until the fall, because bills aren't even out of committees. But he said it's "OK" that Congress missed the deadline, adding, "We don't want to just do it quickly, we want to do it right." Still, he signaled that he won't be patient if negotiations continue to drag.