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Possible Case Of Bacterial Meningitis At OU

OU officials say a female freshman student living in on-campus housing may have bacterial meningitis.

Dean of Students Ryan Lombardi says the university sent out a campus-wide email to alert all students, staff, and faculty - especially those living in Washington Hall where the student resides and those who may have had classes with her. Lombardi says school officials took extra measures and met with Washington Hall students and staff at last night. They outlined the symptoms of bacterial meningitis - which can include high fever, a stiff neck, and headache. Lombardi says they also offered preventive medication

"We had a physician and a nurse and one of our medical staff members there who were able to set up a clinic in one of the study lounges and offer the antibiotic on site as well," says Lombardi.

In February, Ohio University had two confirmed cases of bacterial meningitis. Lombardi says both students have recovered and are back in class.