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Obama Appoints Great Lakes Czar

President Obama appointed Cameron Davis as a special advisor to the Environmental Protection Agency to oversee the restoration of the Great Lakes. Davis has been the CEO of the Alliance for the Great Lakes for 11 years.

The Alliance has worked with Marysville Scotts Miracle-Gro Company to educate consumers about proper lawn care. Richard Shank is the Chief Environmental Officer at Scotts. He says the company partnered with Alliance because their water preservation efforts were already aligned.

"So we formed an alliance so to speak to go out and educate people in the Great Lakes how to maintain their home sites to improve water quality in the Great Lakes," says Shank.

Shank says he has worked on Great Lakes environmental issues for more than thirty years and that he thinks Davis will be effective in his new position.

"I've met a lot of environmental professionals in the Great Lakes area. Cameron Davis is one of the best -- and I don't think the Obama administration could have made a better choice," says Shank.

The Alliance has lobbied for the complete restoration of the Great Lakes - which they estimate would cost $20 billion. Obama's proposed 2010 budget allocates $475 million in new spending for the Great Lakes.