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Children's Hospital Reports Several Isolations Related to Swine Flu

Children's Hospital said several young people have been placed in respiratory isolation due to the recent outbreak of swine flu. Children's Chief of Emergency Medicine Lesie Mihalove spoke with WOSU's Mandie Trimble.

"So the two or three kids that have been in respiratory isolation, how are they and what's their status? Very mild. It's the exact same as everyone else. It's just that they because they've had a family member that's just come back from Mexico or a family member who's just come back from Texas where they knew there were confirmed cases we had to take that precaution."

Mihalove said respiratory samples were taken from the children, but she does not know if the samples have been sent off to the Ohio Laboratory yet. She said she can not say, at this point, if the children are "suspected" or "probable" cases.

Mihalove said the emergency room has been very busy the past few days. She said up to 40 percent of its visits are parents concerned their child has the swine flu. Mihalove said there are several viruses are going around right now that present flu-like symptoms and parents are being extra-cautious.

"A lot of these cases perhaps they would have stayed home for a few more days, but they are frightened and they want someone to see their child," she said.