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Local Dealerships Hurt By Pontiac Phase-Out

The phase-out of the Pontiac Brand is a difficult reality for Chris Haydocy, owner of Haydocy Pontiac Buick GMC. His family's dealership has sold Pontiac since it opened in 1954. Today, Pontiac cars make up 52% of Haydocy's sales.

The constant stream of bad news facing General Motors in recent months has taken its toll on Haydocy and his staff.

"We've worked hard, we've played by the rules, we thought we did everything we can. And to be hit with this, it's a bitter pill to swallow."

For many, Pontiac has the most personality of the GM brands. It represents muscle cars and Americana. Haydocy thinks Pontiac's demise will hurt the diversity of GM's offerings.

"It's not a vanilla car - vehicle- it's made for excitement and inspiration. Going forward it kind of looks like we're more going to look with a bland little car. Because when you drove a Pontiac in the past, it was a personal statement of freedom."

General Motors intends to phase-out Pontiac production by the year 2010.

Sadie Taylor, WOSU News