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Reality Television Features The Danger of Unrealistic Expectations

Have you every found that the majority of the reality television shows that we watch are more fictional than they appear. Seriously who chooses to live on a secluded island or locked up in a house full of strangers for months at a time? Although you have to admit they present great metaphors for what happens in the true real world.

A lot of the shows feature "regular" people who are more like characters out of the movies, the more malicious the character and their intent to cause animosity, the more infamous they become.

Even if the prize money does not appeal to you, you might be drawn in by the more than appealing looks of the next potential bachelor or the next top model rising in the fashion world. Somehow we manage to live vicariously through the montage of scenes that portray what we would be too afraid to act out .

The history of this genre has definitely evolved from the 1940'sCandid Camera , Allen Funt is a far stretch from the ladies on The Real Orange County. Unfortunately that probably also indicates the climate of our nation and the turn we've taken with our morals and values. Media is a diversion but it also mirrors where we are as a country.

Because this generation is so infatuated by the concept of being a fly on the wall through our TV screens, "reality" shouldn't be the word to describe these shows. Especially when the final product is one often manipulated through editing and post-production techniques.

We understand these shows wouldn't exist if there was not an audience.And apparently we can't get enough of them. Search the web and you'll find a number of sites that are exclusively set up for fans in support of these shows, featuring insider information on the participants and more information than the average person would probably care to learn.

But there's a danger here. The children being raised in this era perhaps embrace this fictional reality as factual and I can only imagine how those images represent our country in the eyes of others looking at The Unites States from abroad.

Ok, so we can enjoy them for what they are but be certain to place them in the category where they belong, on the opposite side of veracity.