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Former Ohio Attorney General Contests Ethics Charges.

Almost a year after a sexual harassment scandal cost him his job as Attorney General and put him under the microscope of the state's chief investigator, Marc Dann is speaking out. Dann says he doesn't believe he committed any crimes, and while he accepts the Ohio Elections Commission's decision to reprimand and fine him, he says he was trying to save the state money by using campaign funds to put in a home security system instead of asking for personal protection. Dann made a name for himself attacking Gov. Bob Taft for "pay to play politics" during the Coingate scandal, and he says his situation taught him a lot about what Taft experienced. And Dann says he accepted accountability, by resigning. And Dann says because he fired the two men involved in the sexual harassment scandal, he feels the $495,000 paid to the women who brought the charges is too much.