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Street Sweeping Text-Based Alert System

Former Ohio State student Vitaliy Levit is familiar with street sweeping. In many cities, street sweeping takes place from April until October. It involves a machine that sweeps and scrubs the street. There are usually signs posted that notify residents of when street sweeping will occur so that they will remove their cars from the street. But people forget; they don't move their cars and their cars get towed. That's what happened to Levit and now he's decided to help others. "I had the unfortunate incident of getting towed when there was street sweeping going on and we tried to come up with a new solution to, basically, a reminder, an alert service."

Levit says residents need an additional reminder to move their cars or ... "If they don't more their cars, each one of those cars in that area gets tagged for towing. And so basically the street sweeper can't go through there while there's a car located in that area, so you get towed. Everybody gets towed ... hundreds of cars every single month."

Levit hopes that his ad-based free text alert system will be an additional reminder for people to move their cars from the street before the sweeping happens.

He aims to have the system fully operating by next week. Just in time for the annual start of street sweeping.

Kim Fox, WOSU News.

The website for more information: Antitow

City of Columbus Street Sweeping Program City of Columbus Street Sweeping Program

Notes: When you sign up for the text alerts, you will receive at least two text alerts: one the day before street sweeping and one on the morning of street sweeping.

The text messages will include advertisements at the bottom of the message.