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Inmate Disrupts Sentencing Hearing In Federal Court.

U-S District Court judge Greg Frost sentenced Billy Jack Fitzmorris, 36, to more than 80 years in prison for armed robbery, taking a hostage and other crimes committed in the Columbus area after he escaped from prison in Youngstown. Department of Justice spokesman Fred Alverson describes the reaction from Fitzmorris.

"And even at the conclusion of the sentencing hearing, Mr. Fitzmorris stood up, flipped over a defense table, was swearing at the judge and as he was escorted out, he attempted to spit on the federal prosecutor. Says Alverson.

Fitzmorris will begin serving the 80-year term after he completes nearly 35 years in jail for drug trafficking. Prosecutors told the court Fitzmorris overpowered prison guards during a 2007 escape from a Youngstown hospital, stole a car and barricaded himself inside a suburban Columbus home with a hostage. He was convicted in September on related charges.