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Northland High School Student Spared Expulsion

Freshman Devon Scott was back in class today at Northland High School. The 14-year-old recently shot a toy nerf gun at another student. Scott received a three day suspension, but because of the Columbus City Schools' Zero Tolerance Policy, Scott was also facing expulsion.

Sean Scott, Devon's father says he understands why there's a zero tolerance policy, "you got to go case by case. You can't just throw everybody into a pot. You know, I understand the purpose of a zero tolerance because a teacher gotta be the teacher in a safe environment."

Scott also notes that situations like this are teachable moments, "they don't want any kids out of school missing school, but it's important they understand that when they do have to get removed they understand why they were removed."

A second student, the alleged owner of the nerf gun was also suspended, but the outcome of that student's expulsion hearing is not known.