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Possible Rape Suspect in Custody

A suspect is in Franklin County jail. He was arrested by Westerville Police on December 14 on an unrelated robbery charge. Police Sergeant Rich Weiner says Columbus Police received a tip leading to the suspect and have collected evidence. Weiner did not give specifics or a timeframe for the investigation.

"Quite frankly, the investigators have more work to do," Weiner said. "It's early in this investigation as far as this one potential suspect goes. We're not going to rule him out and we're not going to put all our efforts on him."

A police search warrant indicates that investigators used a stolen cell phone that was later recovered to link the suspect to the rapes. The warrant also says he has a criminal history including rape, burglary and robbery. Weiner did not confirm or deny the contents of the warrant.

"All we are saying is we are still working this investigation and we have a potential suspect we are looking at," Weiner said. "There are other individuals that we're continuing to monitor, follow, follow up on leads. So in now way do I want to mislead anybody by saying that this is the only guy we're looking at."

Since charges have not been filed, officials have not named the suspect.