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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Campaigns for Mary Jo Kilroy

U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi campaigned in Columbus today for democratic congressional candidate Mary Jo Kilroy. Kilroy and Republican Steve Stivers are the major candidates for the 15th district seat being vacated by Representative Deborah Pryce.

Speaker Pelosi joined Mary Jo Kilroy for a discussion of issues facing women and families. The small group of women attending were all Kilroy supporters and they talked about the struggles they're going through: the high cost of health care, falling home prices and the influx of factory farms. Speaker Pelosi said the billions being spent in Iraq could subsidize health care for millions of children. Later she praised Kilroy, describing her as uniquely qualified for Congress.

"Mary Jo comes to the Congress as a mom, not only that though, as one who's served a long time on the board of education, as a county commissioner who knows how to create those infrastructure jobs, and when she comes she will be welcomed as a newcomer in terms of her invigoration of the Congress, but as a person with great experience to know how to get the job done," Pelosi said.

Meanwhile the spokesman for Republican Steve Stivers' campaign, Rob Nichols, called Kilroy hypocritical for appearing with Pelosi.

"I think for the three years that Commissioner Kilroy has run for the seat, she's talked about changing Washington and then she turns around and invites one of the most partisan, divisive beltway figures into Columbus to raise money," Nichols said. "The speaker is the embodiment of partisanship and gridlock in Washington and is in no small part responsible for Congress's 15 percent approval ratings."

Pelosi said that Ohio is central to the success of Democrats in the upcoming election. She urged voters not to take the outcome of the election for granted.